Joey Rocketshoes Dillon is a  multiple world title holder in Trick Gunspinning  and Handling, a world renown  traveling One Man Cowboy Stage Show, an actor, a history expert, a weapons coach for actors, (read more about this at bottom of page), an on set armorer, a gunsmith, a fabricator, and a singer songwriter. An artist in many areas, Joey has adapted his God given abilities to entertaining others any way he can for almost two decades now!

“Rocketshoes! ......As I said he’s the fastest thing I’ve ever seen, but he’s humble-not an ass-he has no attitude, and we got along brilliantly.”

                                        Josh Brolin

After training with Joey for “Jonah Hex.”

He has won the World Championships of Gunspinning multiple times and has turned that into a living made by the gun. This has lead to numerous film and T.V. credits as an actor or on screen expert.  (See Resume for more info) Acting has always been the end all, and Joey’s cowboy experience, stand up comedy background, acting study, and creativeness have led him through many acting doors.

  It takes a lot to hold an audience at bay for an entire show, let alone a one man show. That means there is a lot more to Joey Dillon then guns that keep people tuned in! Comedy, personality, and an easiness on stage make this show shine!


Joey still travels nationwide, and in some cases worldwide with his unique cowboy themed gun handling show, but makes his home now in southern california with his wife and kids, near the film industry.

    He  also gets called on to teach actors the art of gunspinning, quick draws, roping, and tomahawks and other weapons. Besides that Joey customizes guns and props to the studio’s or production’s needs.

To see t.v. and films already out that feature Joey’s handiwork, check out the resume page.

To see the fabrication side of Joey Dillon’s abilities, visit!

For more information about Joey Dillon read the True West Magazine Article!

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Photo Collette Mignon

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