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"Rocketshoes!... As I said, he's the fastest thing I've ever seen, but he's humble - not an ass- he has no attitude, and we got along brilliantly.

- Actor Josh Brolin 

HBO's "Westworld" and "Deadwood 2019 Movie", Coen Bros. "Hail Ceasar" and "Ballad of Buster Scruggs," Gangster Squad," "Looper," Netflix's "Godless," "Reach Me," "Jonah Hex," History Channel, Military Channel, Biography Channel, Discovery Channel, Spike T.V., Starz Channel, and many many more, check out the RESUME! 


Training with pistols, rifles, tomahawks, ropes.


Fabricating and creating weapons and props. 


Technical adivisor on firearm choices, holsters, wardrobe, and gunfight choreography. 



There are few in the business of making poetry with gun handling and fewer who can teach it well. The way an actor handles a gun is an important extension of his or her character and can say volumes. 41 year old Joey Dillon has been handling  guns for over 25 years and performing with those guns for over 20 of those years. Don't let the appearance of youth fool you. Joey has won three World Championships in the field of gunslinging (yes there are actual competitions for this...) and countless hours of practice combined with a God given knack have brought Joey's skill to a level unrivaled in the industry. Safety is paramount and taught first. Beyond that the sky is the limit. A variety of quick draw methods, holstering methods, fancy spins, juggles, trick shooting, etc. etc. is all available to teach. These tricks can be incorporated with most any gun, even modern firearms. Rifle tricks are available as well as tomahawk throwing and some trick roping. Beyond these arts Joey builds props, modifies guns, and has been called on as a technical advisor, historian, and armorer. Please see RESUME.

Local 44 member. Entertainment Firearms permit holder. Dangerous Weapons permit holder.


Check out Joey's shop to see the fabrication side of life.  Click HERE.

Voted Best Trick and Fancy Gun Handler by "True West" Magazine. 

Showing the possibilities with a 4.5 pound gun while training Noah Segan for the film "Looper."