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I’ve lost count of how many people have told me, “No matter who else comes back next year, you have GOT to have Joey Dillon again.”  I couldn’t agree more.   - Linda Haun, Lone Pine Film Festival Director


Joey Dillon drew enthusiastic crowds for every performance at the 2010 - 2018 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festivals. Adults and children all loved his show!   - Mike Fleming Festival Director Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival


I tell you what, this guy is amazing! I wasn’t sure what to expect from a roper / gunslinger, but Joey left you wanting for nothing. He had that crowd of 100 people with their mouths open, methodically into every detail of his next move.  He had members of the audience up shooting, whooping it up, and having an amazing time.His personality added to his insane amount of talent as he whipped those guns around and let off shots that captivated the audience. I myself, was so into it that I jumped out of my seat a number of times as I burst with laughter and appreciation for what I was watching. I was in awe of the pure talent that this man demonstrated.So if you are into a dynamic, high energy, entertaining, hilarious, gun slinger / entertainer. GO WITH JOEY! You will not be disappointed. We will absolutely without a doubt be calling to book Joey again!     - Taryn Gardner Director of Guest Service C Lazy U Ranch


"Hollywood Gun Coach and World Champion Trick Gun Handler Joey Dillon"

Joey Dillon is a multiple World Champion at the art of trick gun handling and is Hollywood's go to guy for training actors to look good with a gun on many recent films. He has also made appearances in front of the camera as an expert discussing the history of the firearms he uses and the men who used them. He has been seen on the History, Discovery, Biography, and Military Channels as well as Spike T.V. and a few others. When not working in Hollywood Joey travels the globe with his stage act consisting of comedy, history, music, and tons of trick gun handling. A unique variety of God given talents rolled into one performance. 



Joey Dillon has an array of T.V. and Film credits to help promote your event and peak the interests of any audience. On top of that, once the audience fills the seats, the live one man gunslinger stage show continues to capture their interest and imagination. It is comedically and verbally driven so while spinning, slinging, and juggling the six-guns around Joey Dillon continues to talk and joke and even grabs a couple audience members to come up and help out. It is a combination of elements taken from almost 20 years of performing to create a show about cowboy gunhandling that is entertaining for everyone of all ages even if you’re not a gun lover or history nut.


-Although shooting blanks spices up the show many performances are done without a single shot fired depending on the venue. It certainly does not make or break the feel. 


-Joey's show is insured and where needed can be performed with fake but authentic looking guns. 


 -Usually Joey Dillon performs a well rounded half-hour stage show. In some cases multiple times over the course of the event or festival. It seems to be about the best fit, however he can custom fit the show length for any event and when combining his original western music ballads can perform up to 90 minutes!


Almost every state has seen the show, as well as Canada, Argentina, and Japan. The gunslinger show will display all of the Hollywood moves you may remember from classic westerns, many new creative moves never before seen, historical facts, Joey's own style of humor, and last but not least gun safety. God has truly blessed this young man with a talent to handle a gun, and Dillon has perfected this gift to a point you must see to believe!


Hesitant about firearms? PLEASE READ:


Joey Dillon is a professional. He stresses gun safety during every show. He never carries live ammunition at his events, EVER. Blanks if included in his performance are personally hand loaded by Dillon. The show is insured. Dillon is twirling, juggling, and tossing a couple of shiny pieces of metal, that is all an UNLOADED gun is. Where needed, Dillon has fake metal guns that can be substituted. Dillon uses Colt PEACEmakers, guns that won the west, and Dillon is keeping OUR unique and personal national history alive. Guns just like Joey's have armed sheriffs and lawmen in the old days and General Patton during World War Two. Joey Dillon flies around the country with his guns and has taken his guns to performances in such unlikely places as City Malls, Princeton College, California Public Schools, Governor Speeches, Casinos, Movie Sets, Churches, Ballrooms and many other places. Why? Because he is the best at what he does, he is an artist, a class act, and he is treated accordingly.

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